Corporate and commercial law

Incorporation of a company

Incorporation of a company A federal or provincial incorporation? Azran Lawyers can help you choose between the incorporation of a federal or provincial corporation. The choice is made according to the type of activities of the future corporation and according to the places where it will do business. Which name to choose? Choosing a name is crucial to the success of your business. It’s the branding of your business. You do not want to make a mistake and choose a name that is already taken by someone else. You would risk being pursued. In addition, your professional order may require…
Corporate and commercial law

Corporate and Commercial Law

At Azran Lawyers, corporate attorneys aim to help you with your corporate and commercial requirements, including: Federal or provincial incorporating your company Naming your company Choosing capital stock and members for the Board of Directors Drawing up a Shareholder’s Agreement Bookkeeping Registering your company Azran & Associates assists with every essential detail that is required to launch a new company. Our vast knowledge allows us to specialize in different areas. For instance, our law firm (Montreal) can provide a small business lawyer who knows how incorporation of companies and contract drafting work and who understands your specific needs to help…
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Online contracts (E-contracts)

With today's ever-increasing mobility and globalization, online contracts are now unavoidable, be they on behalf of your company or on a personal level. The usual rules of contractual formation and validity have had to be adapted to the particularities of the paperless alternatives and to an absence of geographical barriers and analog formats. The specificities of online contracts raise certain questions. For example, when making an online purchase in your car on the way to New York City, even though you may live in Montreal, you may have wondered where the contract was actually formed. To this, we would reply…
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Thank you… It is our turn to give!

In serving the Montreal medical community, our law firm Azran Lawyers, composed of highly qualified professionals in various fields of the law, continues to offer your members, the best legal representation, with professionalism, efficiency, compassion, integrity and the utmost discretion. Our various fields of expertise include : Civil and commercial law (litigation in areas of latent defects, construction law liability) Real estate law, co-ownership law Corporate law (incorporation of medical practices and company start-ups) tices and company start-ups) Matrimonial law (divorce, separation, family mediation, partition of assets, family trusts, custody and support) In showing our gratitude for the trust you…
Real estate law

Pre-Purchase Inspection is it Necessary?

Know that when buying a property, the buyer must be careful and diligent. In the Civil Code of Québec, Parliament has provided for a legal guarantee of the seller whose objective is to protect the buyers of any hidden defects. In order for this guarantee to be claimed in the courts, if there are latent defects, the purchaser must prove that prior to the purchase of the immovable in question, he acted prudently and diligently.  The purchaser must demonstrate that he has diligently inspected the building to identify any apparent defects that may affect the building. An inspector? IF THE…
Family Law

Common law partners: Lola vs. Éric

Getting married or not getting married… there is the question! We heard about the cause of Lola C. Éric. Many of us have discussed this with our friends and family. Unfortunately, it was not everyone who clearly understood what happened in that case. Let us briefly review the facts of this cause known to the general public. Lola and Éric were not married but had cohabited together for an approximate period of seven (7) years. During this seven (7) year period, they had three (3) children. Lola alleged in Court that she often asked Éric to marry her. Éric alleged…
Co-ownership law

Summer: Holiday time for everyone?

For the great happiness of most people, the summer season is finally present! Thus, this seasonal arrival brings with it several elements which we had almost forgotten the existence: the sun, holidays and the joy of spending time outside. This sudden impression of freedom brings with it a lot of inconveniences, especially when people live in condominiums. Although people live in a divided condominium are usually conscientious about their environment, either by the habit of living in a community or simply because of the provisions laid down in the Declaration of Condominiums, however, there are still problems that may arise,…
Family Law

Parental alienation: Letting your emotions take over

We've all heard it at least once, "If I ever get divorced I'll do the best for my children and I won't let them be affected by the divorce. I will never leave the other parent out!" Unfortunately, too often this is not the case. Divorce and separation are synonymous with bad times and for a number of people involved, events are often considered out of context. I have said that in other articles about divorce and I say it again, those who suffer are the children. Parental alienation is established when a child rejects and no longer wants to…
Family Law

Common-Law Partners an Exposed Status

Marriage and civil union are the two unions recognized in Quebec civil law. Therefore, spouses who choose to live together without formal union, will not have rights under the Civil Code of Quebec. The de facto union does not establish any particular legal status between the two spouses. However, there are several laws that grant de facto spouses the same rights and obligations as spouses who are married or in a civil union.

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