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A class action is a legal action, which allows a person to seek compensation for damages on behalf of each person in a situation similar to his own. It is often said that she enjoys the strength of numbers.

Only one person, the representative, can obtain the authorization given by a judge to represent a large group of people. All these persons are designated in the application for authorization to institute a class action by the wording: the members of the group concerned, and not by their names.

A notice is published every time in the newspapers or on an Internet site to indicate that a judgment authorizing the class action has been rendered and that each member may withdraw within 30 days of the authorized class action, and when the final judgment is rendered, indicates the compensation to which the members are entitled and what they must do to claim it.

If the class action is successful or results in an amicable settlement before the judgment, the class members authorized by the judge may receive a sum of money or other compensation without having to go individually to court: they will then have to give their names and justify their prejudices.

See the different class actions of Azran Law Firm

Authorized class action concerning excess
aeronautical noise over the island of Montréal

The Superior Court authorized a class action against Montréal-Trudeau Airport, NAV Canada (the air navigation service which fixes the routes and overflight lines of aircraft) and the federal Department of Transport (Attorney General of Canada), concerning several Montreal neighborhoods overflown at low altitude and around the clock by more and more planes.

Class action concerning nanoparticle pollution caused by the operational activities of Montréal-Trudeau Airport

The Superior Court is currently considering a class action suit for nanoparticle pollution against Montréal-Trudeau Airport, NAV Canada (the air navigation service that fixes the routes and overflight lines of airplanes) and the federal Department of Transport (Attorney General of Canada ), concerning several Montreal neighborhoods adjacent to airport activities.

Class action Commuter train

The construction project of the REM, an automatic metropolitan express rail system, will cause the closure of the Mount Royal Tunnel for at least four years, and the complete closure of the Deux-Montagnes train line. and the partial closure of Mascouche.

Class action concerning the floods suffered by Sainte-Marthe sur le lac and towns of the Regional County Municipality of Deux-Montagnes.

On April 27, 2019, two events caused serious flooding: in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, 60 inches of water invaded the neighborhoods of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac near Lake Deux Montagnes, due to the breakage of the dam. protection of the waters of the lake. At the same time, the Lake of Two Mountains and the Ottawa River suffered a major flood.