Trust our civil law lawyers, whether in the context of a dispute relating to a breach of contract, latent defects, the civil liability of an individual or damages suffered. Our qualified civil lawyers in Montreal will listen to your needs and guide you through the workings of the legal system.

The expertise of our civil lawyers

Since 1992, our law firm specializing in civil law in Montreal has represented countless clients in a variety of major cases. We are voted top 3 best civil litigation lawyers for the year 2023 by the company Three Best Rated.

Trust us to support you at all stages of a civil lawsuit. Regardless of the issues at stake, our extensive experience includes:

  • Hidden defects
  • Defamation and damage to reputation
  • Information & Privacy
  • Breach of privacy
  • Contractual and non-contractual liability
  • Professional & Medical Liability
  • Unfair competition
  • Injunctions and seizures
  • Action on account and for damages
  • Breach of Contract
  • Consumption
  • Any general civil litigation file
  • Negotiations and drafting of agreements
  • Representations before the courts
avocat en droit civil à Montréal

What is civil law?

Civil law is a branch of private law that brings together all the rules of law and laws that govern the legal status of individuals and the relationships between them. Civil law thus has a very broad scope of application, including the rights and obligations of natural and legal persons.

In other words, the Civil Code protects every individual within society against possible physical, moral and material damage. Everyone therefore has rights, which they can assert at any time before the courts. In short, everyone also has duties as citizens, consisting of respect for property, as well as the physical and moral integrity of others.

Civil law, the cornerstone of Quebec legislation, regulates relationships between individuals and covers a variety of areas ranging from property and obligation law to real estate and construction law. The Civil Code of Québec, which governs these areas, is essential to understanding everyone’s rights and obligations.

Importance of the Civil Lawyer

A lawyer specializing in civil law in Montreal can be indispensable in many legal situations, just like a lawyer specializing in business law, labor law, or family law, or criminal law in other circumstances. Here, whether it is for a real estate purchase, a breach of contract, or during a dispute, our services ensure a rigorous defense of your interests in civil law Montreal.

Breach of Contract and Debt Collection

In cases of non-compliance with a contract, it is possible to take legal action, usually by sending a formal notice. If you are harmed, Azran lawyers can help you defend your rights and obtain damages.

Buying a Property

Buying real estate can be fraught with complexities, especially when it comes to the legality of the construction or contractual obligations.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In disputes, hiring a lawyer can help negotiate an out-of-court settlement or represent your interests in court if an agreement cannot be reached. In civil law, dispute resolution can often be settled amicably, saving significant costs.

Why Choose a Civil Law Lawyer in Montreal?

Civil lawyers in Montreal have the expertise and experience required to navigate Quebec’s complex legal network. With an in-depth knowledge of the Civil Code of Québec and legal processes, we can intervene effectively in all kinds of situations, from drafting contracts to representing them at trial.

Why hire a civil lawyer in Montreal?

Azran Avocats is here to help you

In any case, it is part of your rights:

  • to be represented to defend you
  • To have the opportunity to be heard by a judge and to assert your claims so that justice is done.

Why trust our firm?

Our mandates are not limited to litigation before the civil courts. Our role as an advisor is also often invaluable.

Benefit from valuable legal advice

By being assisted by one of our specialist lawyers in the drafting of employment, commercial or real estate contracts, you protect yourself against possible legal recourse against you.

In addition, sending formal notices in situations such as neighborhood disturbances, moral harassment, damage to reputation, violation of privacy, breach of contract, to name but a few, often allows you to settle conflictual situations without necessarily degenerating into legal proceedings.

Indeed, when a civil dispute is on the horizon with a neighbour, a partner, a colleague, a boss, an ex-spouse, or a commercial entity, it can be strategic to calm the situation by getting advice from a civil lawyer in Montreal.

Benefit from our expertise in many areas

Since lawsuits are very expensive, investing in a lawyer can save you a lot of legal trouble, regardless of the area of law:

We provide you with efficient, thoughtful and strategic legal services that allow you to benefit from unparalleled representation to make choices and make decisions accordingly.

Plan ahead, invest in one of our civil lawyers now!

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A real estate lawyer in Montreal can assist you in all stages of buying or selling real estate, from negotiating the terms of the contract to resolving property-related disputes, such as latent defects or neighborhood disputes. They can also represent you in court if a dispute requires judicial intervention.