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    Practice Areas

    Azran Lawyers Montreal guarantees impeccable management of your disputes, whether they are in relation to:

    • Compensation for damages in civil law
    • Properly settling real estate purchases or sales (real estate purchase or sale management)
    • Compensation for hidden defects
    • Handling commercial and corporate disputes (commercial and corporate dispute management)
    • Bringing actions against contractors at fault
    • Winning cases in disputes between neighbours
    • Supporting co-owners, administrators, contractors, and condominium managers
    • Harmoniously settling separations, divorces, and child custody cases
    • Settling the division of assets (during a separation or divorce)
    • Offering private mediation services for spouses and common-law partners

    Civil law

    Our civil law lawyers will defend your interests strategically and effectively, whether it is for breach of contract, debt collection, defamation, or if you are seeking compensation for damages suffered. Our team of lawyers focuses in civil and medical liability.

    Real Estate Law

    Any questions you may have regarding the purchase of real estate, hidden defects and poor workmanship require the best real estate lawyers…

    Hidden Defect Lawyer in Montreal

    Under Article 1726 of the Civil Code of Québec, the seller is required to guarantee that the property and its accessories are, at the time of sale, free of latent defects that render it unfit for the use for which it was intended or that diminish its usefulness to such an extent that the buyer would not have purchased it, or would not have paid such a high price, if he had known about them.

    Construction Law

    When dealing with an architect or a contractor, some problems may arise such as errors in delivery, cost assessment or poor quality of work… Our construction lawyers can help you.

    Corporate and Commercial Law

    Our team of business and corporate lawyers will help you during the conflict that affects you and will look for the best result for your company and your employees…

    Co-Ownership Law

    Although the right of co-ownership law is expanding in Quebec, It is especially condominium living that benefits from this growth.

    Family Law

    Our team of lawyers who are qualified in family law will assist you, whether you have divorce, separation, child custody, alimony, matrimonial regime or complex asset divisions.

    Family Mediation

    Rather than go through destructive guerrilla warfare in front of the courts, which can be long and aggressive when a couple separates…

    Information Technology Law

    Whether you are a business, an individual entrepreneur or a simple citizen, our team of lawyers and engineers will be able to offer you appropriate and practical solutions…

    Labour law

    Labour law in Québec is governed by two (2) principal laws, namely An Act Respecting Labour Standards and An Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety.

    Immigration Law

    Our partner in immigration law, the Canadian Immigration Council, will support and guide you in your efforts to facilitate your admission and integration into Canada.

    Class Actions

    A class action is a legal action, which allows a person to seek compensation for damages on behalf of each person in a situation similar to his own. It is often said that she enjoys the strength of numbers.


    A pillar of excellence, your foundation for legal support

    Our law firm of attorneys in Montreal, elected 2023 Top 3 Civil Litigation Lawyer in Montreal by Three Best Rated, located two steps from the courthouse, practices law in a variety of legal fields. From family law to construction law, passing by immigration to Canada and real estate law or co-ownership law, it is among our conscientious and devoted attorneys that you will find the legal professional who corresponds to your needs and who will assist you in your legal requirements.

    Our highly qualified attorneys distinguish themselves by their ability to adapt to the realities of our ever-changing world. Our philosophy and our objective, in our daily practice, intend to implement our exceptional competencies for the complete satisfaction of our clients.

    Why choose Azran Lawyers in Montreal?

    The diversity of study and legal services offered by our law firm in Montreal combined with our substantial legal experience guarantees you conclusive results. Our service model, enhanced by our value system, firmly anchored in our practice, makes our reputation.

    • Long-standing experience in dispute resolution
    • Availability of the lawyers and quick response
    • Professionals dedicated to client requests
    • Implementation of an individual strategy for each one, with optimization of rapid results
    • Advice in both languages during client meetings (French and English)

    Lawyer in Montreal since 1992

    Our law firm has over 30 years of legal experience as well as a solid reputation and client base. Several talented lawyers at different hourly rates will be proposed to you according to your needs and budget, as well as the complexity of the case.

    Azran Lawyers in Montreal: our service quality

    Whatever the legal field, your Montreal lawyer will be able to advise you and represent you in a professional, proactive, and combative manner. For all these reasons, our law firm in Montreal is renowned for its many victories in all its areas of pratice, both in litigation pleaded before our legal authorities and in amicable settlements. The latter method is clearly favoured for the benefit of our clients, especially given the inherent uncertainty of trials and the resulting judgments.

    Primary mission of our law firm in Montreal

    Our mission is to offer our clients services that live up to their expectations. Our goal is to be of invaluable strategic assistance for you, on both the human and professional level, during legal proceedings which can be long and tedious.

    We do everything in our power to release you from the responsibilities and steps, from the preliminary meeting to the hearing, including the preparation of your case.

    A mandate with our lawyers provides you with personalized follow-up step by step, from the initial consultation to the hearing, releasing you from your responsibilities through our diligent preparation of your case.

    Our service is impeccable, from the beginning to the end of the proceedings

    Furthermore, here is how we handle your cases:

    First of all, your lawyer meets with you to establish a winning strategy during an initial consultation. Then, they apply their proficiency to all levels of their mandate in order to achieve the optimal result. You have an active participation role during the entire progress of your case, leaving the responsibility for the progress, however, on the shoulders of your lawyer.

    Our area of intervention and our team

    Our area of intervention is at the Superior Court of Québec. We accept new applications that span the entire province.

    In addition, you have the choice between benefiting from the experience of a dozen experienced lawyers working in various legal fields at different hourly rates.

    The values of our law firm

    We put our knowledge, our legal experience, and our proficiency at your service. Our decades of experience at the Bar of Quebec combined with our values are all promises of quality:

    • Professionalism and kindness for your legal advice
    • Speed of execution of your legal processes
    • Integrity, efficiency, and awareness of the cost analysis
    • Diversity of proven and creative settlement solutions
    • Strong experience in acquittal and the satisfaction of our clients

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