Family Mediation in Montreal

What is Family Mediation ?

If you and your spouse have decided to separate, you don’t need the added stress of fighting over who gets certain assets and visitation rights. To ease into this next chapter of your life, choose family mediation in Montreal. Rather than go through destructive guerrilla warfare in front of the courts—which can be long and aggressive when a couple separates—family mediation is a process of consensual, constructive, and non-judicial resolution. This takes place in the presence of an accredited mediator on behalf of a law firm in Montreal who acts as an intermediary between the spouses at the time of their pending separation.

The mediator’s job is to:

  • help them identify and resolve their differences
  • find a negotiated and acceptable solution for them
  • have both parties maintain a cordial relationship after the breakup

Both parties want to be heard and may have forgotten that there are more factors involved, such as the needs of your children and pets. This process is much more advantageous compared to enduring court proceedings because it is more efficient, less costly for the parties, and it contributes to preserve or to restore a future relationship that is harmonious between the parties. This is critical when the question of children’s custody is at stake.

Our lawyers value family, so when they take on the task of family mediation in Montreal, they employ strategies to help you repair the damage and advise on how you can make this new arrangement easier on everyone.

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Un couple lors d'une séance de médiation familiale avec un avocat spécialisé à Montréal


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