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In serving the Montreal medical community, our law firm Azran Lawyers, composed of highly qualified professionals in various fields of the law, continues to offer your members, the best legal representation, with professionalism, efficiency, compassion, integrity and the utmost discretion.

Our various fields of practice include :

  • Civil and commercial law (litigation in areas of latent defects, construction law liability)
  • Real estate law, co-ownership law
  • Corporate law (incorporation of medical practices and company start-ups)
  • tices and company start-ups)
    Matrimonial law (divorce, separation, family mediation, partition of assets, family trusts, custody and support)

In showing our gratitude for the trust you have placed in our firm over the years, we undertake to donate, a percentage of our legal fees, to the Quebec Cancer Foundation or any other charity of your choice and this for every new mandate given to our firm.


Looking forward to our future collaboration.


Me Gabrielle Azran
Founder, Attorney and mediator