Immigration Law

Lawyers Specializing in Immigration Law in Montreal

Our partner in immigration law, the Canadian Immigration Council, will support and guide you in your efforts to facilitate your admission and integration into Canada  The Canadian Immigration Council offers many programs for your needs, from citizenship to foreign exchange. With their help, each Azran Lawyers immigration lawyer in Montreal will work with you to handle your case.

Our law firm in Montreal concentrates on many aspects of immigration law, including:

  • Immigration Investor Programs
    • Canada
    • Quebec
  • Temporary visit visas
    • Student
    • Visitor
    • Canadian Work
    • Visa extensions
  • Family class sponsorships
    • Spousal
    • Common law
    • Parent and Grandparent super visa
    • Other relatives’ sponsorship

Immigration to Canada is frequent with individuals headed for Montreal. Many come for a variety of reasons, such as visiting family or studying hard to earn a degree, but sometimes, issues arise. In collaboration with the Canadian Immigration Council, we put our vast experience to work on cases that include hearings and appeals. If you want a top immigration lawyer in Montreal to manage your case, get in touch with us today by filling out the form below.