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Class action Commuter train

The construction project of the REM, an automatic metropolitan express rail system, will cause the closure of the Mount Royal Tunnel for at least four years, and the complete closure of the Deux-Montagnes train line. and the partial closure of Mascouche.

Trains will no longer be able to reach Central Station during this long period of at least four years, before being replaced by REM express trains. The proposed interim measures lengthen the travel time unreasonably: an average of half an hour to reach the Center-Ville currently, the courses will be extended by one hour in each direction from January 2020, for a total of 1h 30 per trip and two hours of extra transport per day. This new situation is detrimental to everyone who decided to live near the Deux-Montagnes and Mascouche suburban rail lines.

This extension of the routes calls into question the work-family balance, and endangers both the durability of the workstations and the fact of living near the commuter train system.

The consequences are significant and create significant harm for each person and family concerned, whose compensation is sought in the context of the application for authorization of the class action filed in court.