Family Law

Whether it’s a happy start like a wedding or a birth, or more pragmatic steps like buying a property or planning an estate, every significant event comes with its share of legal complexities. A thorough knowledge of the legal implications is crucial to preserve and secure the future of our loved ones and our own.

This often involves navigating a maze of laws and regulations, where lawyer assistance becomes not only useful, but often indispensable to provide peace of mind and protection against legal unforeseen events.

Life Stage – Cohabitation and Marriage

Cohabitation and marriage are not only emotional commitments, but also involve meaningful legal commitments. Formalizing these unions through cohabitation contracts and prenuptial agreements is essential to preserve harmony and guarantee future serenity. These documents spell out financial and personal arrangements, forming a solid foundation in case of hard times.

Lawyer buying a house

Buying a home

The acquisition of a property is often the most important investment of our lives, marking a decisive turning point. The legal implications of this step, while exciting, are also complex: due diligence, title management, and mortgages. The knowledge of a real estate lawyer is essential to navigate this legal maze and protect your investment.

Family Planning and Succession

Preparing for your family’s future through estate planning and mandates in the event of incapacity is an act of foresight. These steps, often perceived as distant, are nevertheless crucial to ensure the sustainability of your legacy and the protection of your loved ones. By making your wishes clear, you save them additional difficulties in already trying times.

Divorce and Child Custody

Faced with the turmoil of a separation, the priority remains the well-being of the children and the fair division of property. The use of a family lawyer is essential to navigate this complex process with dignity and fairness, ensuring that everyone’s interests are preserved and respected.

Legal support is a cornerstone in protecting your loved ones and your interests. For all family and civil matters, consulting a lawyer is an essential step, and going through a legal platform can help you find the lawyer corresponding to your specific needs. The search for legal knowledge is greatly simplified and the Lawyer Directory ensures that users find the assistance and knozledge needed to address and resolve their disputes, and enriches the experience of its users by providing unlimited access to a range of reliable and free legal resources.



When is it necessary to draw up a cohabitation contract?

It is advisable to draw up a cohabitation contract as soon as two people decide to cohabit, whether they are married or not. This deed formalizes the agreement on the management of common and personal property, and provides for arrangements in the event of separation.

What are the key steps in buying a home from a legal point of view?

The key steps in buying a home, from a legal point of view, include the promise to purchase, the title check, the inspection, the financing and the signing of the deed of sale at the notary’s office.

Why is it important to have a mandate in case of incapacity?

Having a mandate in place in case of incapacity is essential to ensure that your health care and management choices and preferences will be respected if you are no longer able to communicate them yourself.

How does the divorce procedure for child custody work?

Divorce proceedings concerning the custody of children begin with an application filed with the competent court, followed by negotiations between the parties (often with the mediation of a lawyer) and end with a court decision, which is aimed at the best interests of the child.

Where can I find a good lawyer to help me with this?

To find a good lawyer who can help you with these steps, you can contact us, or consult online platforms or a directory of lawyers who qualify in various areas of law, including family law and civil law.